How to Pass the DNS Test: Making Sure Your Emails Get Delivered

For any online presence, Domain Name System (DNS) configuration stands out as one of the most critical, but it can be all too easy to ignore. Getting into the acronyms of internet infrastructure sometimes leads folks to getting lost in the alphabet soup of FTP, HTTPS, SSL, DKIM, or SMTP. This article will lay out […]

Data Alone Won’t Save Baltimore

Earlier this week I attended a talk entitled “Data in the City: Analytics and Civic Data in Baltimore”. The title had naturally piqued my curiosity, as one of my hobbies is futzing with the data available on OpenBaltimore. In addition, I was interested in hearing the perspective of one of the presenters, Justin Elzsaz, Deputy […]

Digital Marketing Explainer, pt. 1: Conversion Funnels

Organizations that want to advertise themselves online are spoiled for choice. Whatever your target demographic or product offering, you can almost invariably find a service or a site tailored to your needs. Social media allows you to connect directly with your customers, search engine marketing lets you get to people at the moment they’re most […]

Uncle Joe & SEO

Googling around about candidates in the 2020 race, and I discovered an odd and unfortunate thing. If you Google “Biden 2020″…

Overcoming the Digital Last Mile

Tech companies have made a lot of money in the past few decades by solving “last mile” problems. You may have heard this term before in reference to telecom or transportation infrastructure – it’s used to talk about the bottleneck that you get when you try and cover the literal last mile to deliver your […]

How Machine Learning is Affecting Your Open Rates

Organizations that we work with have been reporting a widespread decrease in open rates on messages sent to Gmail addresses. The finger has been pointed, with much derision and some uncertainty, at Gmail’s recent implementation of TensorFlow, a machine learning tool, to help upgrade its spam-fighting efforts. This isn’t the first time that Google has […]