Who We Are

Blue Heron Digital is a nonprofit fundraising and technical services firm based in beautiful Baltimore, MD. Founded by two friends with a passion for elegant design and a desire to do good, our firm strives to ameliorate the expensive technical challenges that keep you from creating positive change in the world.

Timing. Opportunity. Patience.

There will be moments that are critical to you – a news headline, a burst of interest, a last minute push to get over the finish line. You prepare for them, readying yourself to seize the seconds that count and strike when it matters. Blue Heron Digital can help your organization make the most of these moments. We create beautiful websites that reduce the barriers between you and your supporters, matched with infrastructure that minimizes the time you spend on data management. At Blue Heron, we help you seize opportunity.

What We Offer

At Blue Heron Digital, we provide a wide array of services.

Website & Donation Form Design

Our sites are designed to guide your supporters and make it easy for them to donate

Digital CRM Integration

Push data from your website to your CRM or email marketing program

Email Performance Tuning

Increase your open and click rates with our email program tune-up

Data Migration and Cleaning

Use industry standard services to track your return on investment

Digital Analytics and Advertising

Move data between systems with no added hassles

Contact Us

Drop us a line and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.